Current Investments

Included amongst its current investments, Quantum has companies that provide hyper-local search leads and reputation management to major companies, assist in training the elderly to enjoy more active and fulfilling lives, handle the digital print and media communications needs of companies across the United States, meet the chemical and paint needs of users and manufactures and distribute high performance off-road products.
Our current investments help our customers and stakeholders meet their needs. We pride ourselves as being solutions based. Call upon a Quantum company today to find value added solutions to your most challenging problems.

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AIHLogo2Quantum entered into a non-controlling investment with Advantage Insurance in 2014.  Advantage provides specialty insurance and related services to business owners and high net worth individuals seeking customized insurance solutions for their risk management and financial planning needs.  Its predecessor business was founded in 1993 by Ian Kilpatrick, the current Vice Chairman and a pioneer in the captive insurance industry.  Advantage underwrites Life Insurance and Business Insurance through subsidiaries licensed in the United States and Cayman Islands.  It also manages captive insurance companies in the United States and Cayman Islands on behalf of clients worldwide.

clipixClipix, a free web service, combines the best of online bookmarking with file sharing and organization into one easy to use tool. For the first time, users now have a single service solution for saving web content, uploading and sharing photos, and organizing documents all in one completely private or shareable space. Users simply go to, drag and drop a “clip” button onto their browser bar, and then click whenever they find an item that they want to reference later. Clipix is accessible online and as a cross-mobile application on iPhone and Android devices.

Connected_LivingConnected Living and its technology have become essential to the senior living industry. The Connected Living program provides training, a user-friendly platform and interactive activities and learning opportunities for residents, family members, and community staff. Its offerings include informative discussion groups, customizable computer learning classes, and award-winning social networking software designed specifically for seniors. Connected Living is committed to the idea that a “connected life” transforms the experience of aging.

logo_dijiwise_transparentDijiwise is led by a team of Digital Media professionals who also happen to be parents of teens and preteens. The team is comprised of professionals with expertise in PR, Digital Media, Social Marketing, and Platform Development.  They recognize the need for an easy toolset that allows parents to non-intrusively monitor children’s Social Activity and step in with dialogue when necessary.  Social Media is the modern day playground for children, teens and adults. The children and teens in most cases are unaware of the perils and digital trail that is around them. DijiWise is a Real Time App for parental engagement with their children’s Social Activity (Posts, likes, comments, follows, tweets, etc.).  They have a common goal of Business, Philanthropy, and Fun!

JW Tek is a full service IT provider that offers many services such as IT support, phone systems, internet services, hosting solutions, and virtual servers. JW Tek was founded in 1999 with the goal of providing excellent IT service in a society with rapidly advancing technology. Since the very beginning, our goals have remained the same: provide trustworthy, rapid, and knowledgeable solutions to all information technology concerns.

K_line_LogoK Line offers a proprietary group of consumer products.  Kosmos coolers were created to function on their own.  Invented in Arkansas, these coolers are manufactured by River Bend Industries.  The Kosmo cooler has an independent operating system which enables the cooler to be used on almost any occasion, and at most locations. The Safe Keeper products are manufactured and sold with a lid that snaps on to a base structure and locks and seals.  Once locked, Safe Keepers can serve as a vault and can be stored anywhere.  Kosmos Coolers and Safe Keepers are both proprietary products which are manufactured in the USA. is a leader in hyper-localized search engine marketing, helping large enterprises and small business owners gain exposure in the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN). Founded in 2006, LocalBizNOW maintains more than a million keyword and location combinations funneling online consumers to businesses advertising on a platform. In 2008, LBN successfully entered the Independent Yellow Page Publishing industry as a channel partner in Search Engine Marketing.

mmplogo Master Molded Products specializes in the design, engineering and production of precision plastic injection molded products for a wide variety of industries and markets. Major markets served are Automotive, Packaging and Industrial Consumer Companies. Master Molded Products state-of-the-art injection molding technology allows us to collaborate with our customers on part concept and design, tooling, optimized manufacturing, transfer of existing molds to our facility & secondary assembly and decoration.

Metro Finance is engaged in the business of community revitalization through financing the rehabilitation of single-family residences. Although it can support such improvements throughout Michigan, Metro Finance primarily assists with property rejuvenation in the Detroit metropolitan area.

myregistry-logo is the world’s largest registry site, specializing in weddings, birthdays, baby showers, housewarmings and all other gift-giving occasions. is dedicated to streamlining the gift-giving process by giving its members the ability to add gifts from any store in the world (on the web, through its iPhone app, on facebook or brick-and-mortar stores).

Quantum Data Center (QDC) is a top-of-the-line colocation facility located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. QDC designs hardware/software infrastructure to bring information architecture to life. They work with you to learn your business, and help design strategies to maximize your I.T. solution.

precast new PreCast Specialties is the leading pre-cast and pre-stressed concrete producer in Florida and has served its customers since 1971. PreCast Specialties maintains an excellent reputation by providing quality products and services to electrical suppliers, building contractors, Florida Power and Light and Tampa Electric Company.  PreCast Specialties manufactures light poles, electrical manholes, pole bases, vaults, pads, doubletees, columns, beams, stairs and landings.

Quantum Digital Group is focused on developing industry leading brands in niche visual marketing and consumer products markets involving the use of engineering, printing and fabrication capabilities. In 2008, it founded Quantum Digital Ventures, LLC (“QDV”), a division focused on the design, marketing, production and fulfillment of consumer products for many of the world’s leading consumer brands. Adding Ceiling Scenes and Mossy Oak Graphics to their branded offering established QDV as a notable product development and marketing company. QDV has established itself as a leader in licensing management with iconic brands such as Mossy Oak camouflage, The Collegiate Licensing Company and The National Geographic. Its acquisition of Meteor was Quantum’s first official entry into the commercial graphics space. With over 80 years of history and full-service locations in Michigan and Georgia, Meteor is one of the country’s premier graphic solutions providers. In September 2013, the company acquired Tectonics Industries and combined its operations with Meteor. The combined entity now operates under the Tectonics brand name and represents one of the country’s premier providers of tension fabric structures to various industries including the tradeshow, event, exhibit, live entertainment and other markets. In 2015 Tectonics expanded its geographic footprint by opening a full-service production facility in Las Vegas, Nevada to service customers in the Western United States.  Shortly thereafter, Quantum Digital Group acquired certain assets of Godfrey Group to further expand upon its tradeshow offering by adding a web based sales platform.


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reptonixReptoniX is a brand focused reputation management company. ReptoniX focuses on visibility management, sentiment analysis, and aggregation of social mentions. The visibility component is focused on the consistency and accuracy of data in the search engines, directories, social sites, and review sites. The sentiment component aggregates reviews based on consumer experience and allows our clients to react, interact, and respond to their consumers’ reviews. The social mentions component gives our clients the ability to understand when and where consumers are talking about their brand. This three-fold reputation focus at the brand-level allows our clients to accurately be found, participate in the online conversation surrounding their brand, ensure brand consistency, and capitalize on strengths and opportunities within their market, and thereby enhances the overall brand experience of the company.

RBI_Logo_TransparentRiver Bend Industries is among the largest custom molders of thermoplastics and engineering resins in the Midwest and Southern United States.  RBI’s facilities house over 100 molding machines, ranging in size from 30 to 3,000 tons, covering nearly a half million square feet of manufacturing space.  RBI’s product fulfillment services offer a complete concept review, engineering support, comprehensive quotation, tooling construction, production, warehousing, and distribution.  Project engineers, sourcing specialists and ISO certified processes and staff are available to identify the optimum methods to create products with one-stop shop convenience.  RBI is also the exclusive manufacturer, warehouser and distributor for Hospitec USA (regulated PG2 rated medical waste containers and related products).

Tottenham Partners is a full service real estate investment company with holdings in raw land and buildings in several states. Tottenham seeks real estate opportunities in a variety of locations and industries. It currently has raw land available for community development in North Carolina, land for commercial development in Michigan, and several commercial buildings in Texas and Michigan which have been purchased and leased back to the end user.


Wood Pro Inc. and Custom Wholesale Floors, headquartered in Massachusetts, have serviced the flooring industry for over 20 years.  Wood Pro provides professional sales, distribution and installation services to floor covering dealers and flooring contractors in the northeast and southeast United States.  Our products include prefinished solid & engineered wood flooring, unfinished flooring, porcelain tile, luxury vinyl flooring and all of the supplies needed to complete any project. We offer our suppliers 10 strategically located facilities which allow us to service our customer base more efficiently and effectively. Strong management, high quality products, unmatched customer service and a focus on selling product lines that are important to us, has made us a great partner and the choice of many of the industry’s top vendors.