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Led by Bob Skandalaris’ passion for philanthropy, the Skandalaris Family Foundation supports education and budding entrepreneurs through a variety of programs. Each year college students receive scholarships from the Skandalaris Family Foundation, while its commitment to the Blessing Basket® Project has helped thousands of weavers in underdeveloped countries earn a “prosperity wage” several times higher than the local average. Further illustrating Quantum’s dedication to education is The Skandalaris Center for Entrepreneurial Studies at Washington University in St. Louis. Standing as a lasting commitment to the sound business principals and entrepreneurial spirit on which Quantum was founded, the Center is ranked amongst the Nation’s top ten programs and provides students with academic curriculum and experiential courses.


SFFSmall The Skandalaris Family Foundation is an independent, non-profit foundation, managed by officers of the Foundation and members of the Skandalaris family. Each year the Foundation awards scholarships and contributes to various charitable entities. Its scholarship awards are made available to a group of students, characterized by their special talents, leadership skills, unselfish ways, strong values, and commitment to excellence.

The foundation has established a college scholarship program to recognize special students. Skandalaris Family Foundation Scholarships fund any chosen course of study at an accredited United States college or university. The Foundation also allows previous recipients to re-apply and may increase their award amounts based on their success. To date, approximately 1800 scholarships have been granted.

Wash-UNationally recognized as one of the top ten entrepreneurial business programs in the country, the Skandalaris Center at Washington University in St. Louis provides students with many opportunities to become involved in entrepreneurship. Within the academic curriculum, introductory and experiential courses are offered to both graduate and undergraduate students. For MBA students wishing to pursue a degree option, the Entrepreneurship Concentration Track is also available. The Skandalaris internship program provides an additional opportunity for students to work with early stage companies. Programs are available to all business students and students from around the University. For students interested in extracurricular activities, several student organizations offer networking and educational events. Students and alumni who have graduated within the last five years are also eligible to apply for funding for the start-up enterprise from the Seed Capital Fund. It’s Skandalaris Competition is a nationally recognized business plan competition.

Emu_sealThe Robert and Julie Skandalaris Student Business Plan Competition for high school, community college and university students captures the attention of students early in their education and career discovery. The Competition gives students a taste of the creative opportunity and independence a life of entrepreneurship can provide. Each fall, student business plans from high school, community college and university students are submitted to a panel of faculty and business leaders.

The Skandalaris Competition, which was endowed by the Skandalaris Family, awards cash prizes to three students in each of two divisions – a high school division and a division for community college and/or university students. The confidence the Skandalaris Competition provides students helps create new business leaders furthering economic development. This well-respected competition helps spark student interest in the field of entrepreneurship and underscores the EMU College of Business and its entrepreneurship program as a principal choice for pursuing a quality and practical business education.

bbpforleadershipThe Blessing Basket Project® works to reduce poverty in developing countries by paying Prosperity Wages® for artisan products. This unique financial model creates a cycle of entrepreneur driven growth resulting in permanent financial independence for the artisan.

The Blessing Basket Project® is a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization that believes the rural poor in developing countries are quite capable of pulling themselves out of poverty. We use a unique financial model which allows artisans to earn significantly higher than fair trade wages for their products for a given period of time. The artisan is free to steward that money however they wish. Most often they use the capital to create multiple small businesses. Those entrepreneurial endeavors result in several independent streams of income creating sustainable financial independence from our organization.

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4and1_logoThe Foundation works with Kaleb Thornhill of the Miami Dolphins, the Founder of 4th and 1, and other NFL players and alumni to mentor high school students from underrepresented groups. 4th and 1is the only series of football camps in North America to balance sports training with SAT/ACT prep and diagnostics, professional development, creative workshops, and life skills classes.