Harvested Investments

Quantum’s prior portfolio companies include the following holdings…

biogenic_logoQuantum entered into a non-controlling investment with Biogenic Reagents in 2014.   Biogenic Reagents is a developer and producer of versatile, high-performance activated carbon products made from renewable resources. The company offers less expensive, higher-performing and cleaner alternatives to traditional coal-based carbon products. Privately held, Biogenic Reagents is headquartered in Minnesota with production facilities in Michigan.


chemsolChemsol is a chemical solutions manufacturer, distributor and supplier of paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants and related products. We started in 1978 providing one product to one customer – the U.S. military. Today, we remain a trusted partner to the federal government, and have expanded our offering into a full line of chemical and paint products serving hundreds of customers worldwide in multiple industries. Then and now, our goals remain the same: operate with integrity and become the trusted solutions provider to companies worldwide.


Metalforms is a custom manufacturer specializing in small to medium batch manufacturing, leveraging its core expertise in laser cutting, metal fabrication, metal tube processing, and custom CNC machining. Originally founded in 1998 to provide direct manufacturing support to a single customer, the company has since grown to support the contract manufacturing needs of a diverse industrial customer base from Oil and Gas to HVACR. The company’s quality circle manufacturing approach begins with in-house production of weld assemblies and machining fixtures then continues through production with experienced technicians using state-of-the-art CNC equipment. Metalforms produces unsurpassed quality products on time, every time.

SuperliftlogoSuperlift is a specialty manufacturer and distributer of high performance after-market off-road products. With a rich history, dating back to 1975, Superlift has been a pioneer and leader in after-market suspension kits and accessories. The company has established itself as the industry standard for performance and quality. All Superlift products are manufactured in the United States. When it is time to head off-road, Superlift products will transform your four wheel drive vehicle into a high performance off-road machine. Superlifts products are widely used by recreational off-road enthusiasts throughout North America.


eos In April 2014 EOS and a subsidiary of Prostep AG, a german technology company, entered into an agreement to purchase the assets of EOS. EOS is an innovative engineering solutions  provider focused on asset optimization and digital process simulation. Founded by three leading digital process engineers, EOS has formulated a process that allows customers to: scan their assets, model them in 3D, simulate the process and validate the results. EOS works closely with two main business partners, Dassault Systemes and Adobe. Over the past four years, EOS worked closely with several Fortune 500 companies developing innovative ways to implement 3D PDF and 4D process technologies.

lbn_logoIn November 2013 MDC Partners Inc. (http://www.mdc-partners.com , “MDCA” on NASDAQ and “MDZ.A” on the Toronto Stock Exchange) and LocalBizNow.com (“LBN”) entered into an agreement to purchase the assets of LBN. MDC Partners Inc. is the controlling shareholder of the new company, LBN Partners, LLC. Quantum and the officers of the company continue to hold a significant ownership stake in LBN Partners, LLC. MDC Partners Inc. is one of the world’s largest Business Transformation Organizations that utilizes technology, marketing communications, data analytics, insights and strategic consulting solutions to drive meaningful returns on Marketing and Communications Investments for multinational clients in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. LBN was a leader in hyper-localized search engine marketing, helping large enterprises and small business owners gain exposure in the search engines (Google, Yahoo!, MSN). Founded in 2006, LBN held more than a million keyword and location combinations funneling online consumers to businesses advertising on a platform.

manitexManitex (NASDAQ:MNTX) is a supplier of high-technology manufacturing and engineering services that designs, develops and builds specialty equipment for the heavy equipment, shipping, defense and lifting industries. Its Italian subsidiary, CVS Ferrari, is a global leader in the container handling market with the acquisition of assets from CVS SpA. Through the acquisitions of Veri-Tek, Manitex and Liftking, this became one of Quantum’s first investments and was successfully taken public in 2005. Quantum sold its interest in 2008 and repurchased an interest in 2009. In July 2013, the remaining interest equity in Manitex, Inc was sold to the public markets.

yobiIn early 2013, Yobi (http://yobi.tv/) was sold in a management buyout led by the CEO Dianne Victor. Yobi provides a revolutionary online social network that allows talented people around the globe to display their talents. Contestants participate in contests in a variety of areas, with the winners receiving recognition, awards, and performance contracts.

virtualnerd_logo-1Virtual Nerd, LLC (http://www.virtualnerd.com/) was acquired in April 2013 by a strategic buyer, Pearson Education, Inc. (“Pearson”). Pearson (NYSE: PSO) the world’s leading learning company, has global reach and market-leading business in education, business information, and consumer publishing. Virtual Nerd’s innovative patent-pending individualized learning platform and extensive content offers the advantages of math and science tutoring wherever and whenever a student might need it.

csCoating Specialists was sold to a strategic buyer, Rainer Holdings, LLC of Seattle, WA, in March, 2012. Coating Specialists provides antimicrobial solutions to various industry users. Coating Specialists was purchased by Quantum in 2010.

xembeddedXembedded was purchased by a strategic buyer, Acromag Inc., in May, 2012. Xembedded is a leader in highly engineered VME boards used by defense, aerospace, and transportation companies.

QuantumSoftwareQuantum Software, LLC was acquired by a partnership of SAP and IT professionals on Aug. 25, 2011. Quantum Software specializes in providing small to mid-size businesses with custom software and expert guidance in areas of systems evaluation, integration and support.

monroe3Sixty Group/Monroe Engineering Products (Monroe) was acquired by a financial buyer, Ellipse Capital, on June 1, 2011. Monroe is a leading supplier to companies in the industrial, medical, and automotive fields. Monroe leverages a global supply chain of electronic, metal, plastic, and rubber products to act as a quality component supplier for its customers’ light manufacturing requirements. It is also the largest specialty knob, handle, and handwheel manufacturer in the United States.

millerdialMiller Dial, LLC was acquired by a financial buyer, Superior Capital Partners, LLC, on Mar. 29, 2011. Miller Dial, based in El Monte Calif., is an internationally recognized manufacturer of graphic product identification solutions and user interface components, including: metal and plastic nameplates, domed labels, decals, graphic overlays, membrane switches, rubber keypads, touchscreens and LCD’s.

cditechCDI Technology, LLC (CDI) was acquired by a strategic buyer, North American Bancard, LLC, in 2010. CDI is a leading regional supplier of point-of-sale systems to the restaurant and hospitality industry. CDI provides point-of-sale, telecommunications and paging systems, along with a full range of consulting and support services.

nobleArcelor Mittal (NYSE: AM) purchased control of Noble International, Ltd., and purchased the shares held by Mr. Skandalaris and his family in 2008. At the time of the transaction, Noble was the world’s largest supplier of laser-welded blanks with revenue in excess of $1 billion. Noble provided laser-welded blanks, tubular products, and roll formed to the Automotive industry.